Watch: XOXO Mediacon for New Single 'GLNG'

The girl group of Kapuso network and the so-called Little Mix of the Philippines, the XOXO releases their new single. And this actually their third single and it is called 'GLNG.'

On a lovely Thursday evening, the girl group had their media conference held at a bar in Quezon City where the group showcased a sample of their music including this new song 'GLNG.' They also shared exciting behind-the-scene stories about the creation of this new song. And of course, they answered intriguing questions from the members of the press and media who attended the event.

During the mediacon, the girls explained the meaning of the song 'GLNG.' It is actually an acronym which means 'Go Lang Ng Go!'

The girls also related their own stories to the song. 'GLNG' or 'Go Lang Ng Go' whenever you have problems. Specially now in the digital age where social media plays a vital role in the fame of the artists, they still pursue even though they have bashers that are pulling them down.

Aside from being a singer, the members of the group also tried their lucks in the field of acting. Actually each member of XOXO already appeared in the different TV series of GMA network with different genres. Acting is not new for these girls since they even have experience before in the theater plays where they perform live on stage.

Acting on TV versus acting on stage versus live singing - which of these are most challenging for the girl group? And, what are things they learned from their co-stars when they act on TV? 

Well without further talks, here are my live video coverage and interview with XOXO during our mediacon. Let's all watch these:

Aside from their new single and regular performance at 'All Out Sundays,' XOXO is also set to have a special performance with the other girl group and boy group of music which are the PPop's Bini and BGYO. The event will be held on Singapore later this year. According to the girls, it is one of their dreams to perform or collaborate with the other groups specially with the PPops!

Also during our mediacon interview, XOXO breaks the ice as they sing and perform a Sexbomb Girls' original song 'Bakit Papa.' According to them, Sexbomb Girls is a girl group whom they idolized specially when they are young.

And more about 'GLNG,' the song is currently out now in different digital platforms. This is again under GMA Music.  

Congrats and more power XOXO! Looking forward for more events and new singles on the coming days! 05/27/2023 (TV Series Craze)  

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