TV5's Iconic TV Show 'Face 2 Face' Returns with Two New Hosts Mama Karla Estrada and Alex Calleja!

From Tiyang Amy Perez to Mareng Gelli De Belen, the TV5's iconic TV program is back! And this time, it returns with two new hosts and new set of "Trio Tagapayo!" And not only that, B1 and B2 are replace with M1 and M2 (Maritess 1 and Maritess 2).

Oh well, are you excited for the new "Face 2 Face?" What do you think are the show's new features that will surely excite the viewers?!

Inline with the show's comeback, a grand media conference was held on the actual studio of the show in TV5, Monday afternoon of April 17, 2023. They let us feel the actual ambiance of the show while interviewing the TV program's new hosts Alex and Mama Karla and the key people behind the show.

Mama Karla and Alex Calleja take on the challenge as new hosts of the groundbreaking legacy show.

The Mariteses of the Philippines will surely have their fill of daily gossips and juicy controversies as TV5 brings back one of its well-loved and highly anticipated legacy programs, Face 2 Face, showcasing the “barangay hall on air” once again when it premieres this May 1 on TV5 and on One PH, available on Cignal Ch. 1, SatLite Ch. 1, and Cignal Play.

Evolving with the changing times, this 2023 reboot of Face 2 Face presents the new duo of Mama Karla Estrada and Alex Calleja as hosts and mediators in resolving the heated rivalries of the show’s guests and diffusing the escalating tension in each episode. 

Face 2 Face gives a fresh take on the popular talk show’s format with its new mantra, “Isyu ay harapin, huwag palakihin” as it features real people with real problems and finds the best possible resolution to their conflicts.

Ready to help resolve these issues are the show’s resident Trio Tagapayo“Dr. Love” Bro. Jun Banaag representing the clergy, Atty. Lorna Kapunan giving legal advice, and Dr. Camille Garcia sharing her perspectives as a psychologist. This new Face 2 Face covers a wide range of topics, from family relationships to personal struggles and triumphs, all with a goal of inspiring empathy and understanding between the conflicting parties.

Meanwhile, here is my live video coverage during our grand media conference. Let's all watch this:

With Mama Karla’s motherly compassion and Alex Calleja’s quick wit, they make an interesting tandem whose teamwork can help diffuse tension in the studio. It will definitely be worth seeing them in action as the new hosts of Face 2 Face.

Meanwhile, here is my interview with the show's new host Mama Karla Estrada and Alex Calleja:

Indulge your guilty pleasure of being a Marites and be in on what’s going to be the latest talk of the town as Face 2 Face returns on May 1. Catch its daily episodes from Monday to Friday at 11:00 AM on TV5, and 8:00 PM on One PH, available on Cignal Ch. 1, SatLite Ch. 1, and Cignal Play. For further details and updates, visit the official social media pages of TV5. 

And here as well more photos during our actual media conference in the studio of TV5, the actual set of Face 2 Face. Let's check these out:

Congrats again Cignal and TV5 for another exciting sure hit TV program! 04/19/2023 (TV Series Craze) 


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