Marco Gumabao Confirms Relationship with Cristine Reyes via Posting Sweet Photos of Them in Social Media!

"You are my home and my adventure all at once ❤️😘"

This is the caption that the hunk actor and Viva Artist Talent Marco Gumabao posted on his official Social Media accounts to the series of sweet photos with him and co-Viva artist Cristine Reyes

And this finally serves as the revelation or the official public announcement of the real score between Marco and Cristine confirming their relationship. 

The post of Marco eventually turns into a hot trending topic in the world-wide web. Celebrities and friends of Marco and Cristine congratulated them and sent them message of best wishes.

On the other hand, netizens shared different reactions about the news. Both positive and negative feedback were received by the couple.

Meanwhile, we have created a sweet reel for Marco and Cristine on IG and TikTok. Let's check this out: 

Some netizens also commented about the age gap of Cristine and Marco. Some say that "age doesn't matter"  while others jokingly shared that this is another "May-December love story."  While Cristine Reyes is 34 years old, Marco Gumabao on the other hand is 28 years old.

The brewing romance of Marco and Cristine started after the two both starred in the Darryl Yap's recent movie "Martyr Or Murderer" where Marco played the character of the young Ferdinand Marcos Sr. while Cristine reprise her role as the young Imee Marcos.

Once again, congrats Marco and Cristine now that your relationship is out and open on the public! Stay strong and keep the love! 04/25/2023 (TV Series Craze)


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