Watch: 'Martyr Or Murderer' Official Trailer and the Story Behind

"Tingin ko, dinaya ako ni Leni!" - Bongbong to Imee

This is how the 2 minutes and 30 seconds official trailer of 'Martyr Or Murderer' ended which was officially released on February 9, 2023 on all the social media platforms of VinCentiments and Viva Films. That powerful line from the voice of Bonget or BBM from the phone to his ate Imee Marcos created most powerful impact to the viewers and netizens around the world-wide web.  

Prior to the release of the official trailer of 'Martyr Or Murderer' or MoM in the social media, it was first shown minutes earlier during the first grand media conference of the movie held at the activity hall of The Podium in Ortigas on the same day. More louder applause were heard at the event's place from the members of the press who witnessed live the release of the trailer. And we're so lucky to be part of those witnesses who are also covering the grand mediacon! 

The official trailer of 'Martyr Or Murderer' gives us a glimpse of what happened to the Marcos family before and after EDSA Revolution, a sneak peak to their life in exile, and a brave discussion on the intrigues surrounding Imee Marcos’s exploits in Morocco. It also shows some actual footage of Ninoy's death, speeches from Cory and other political personalities during that era, and some clips from the 1986 news up to 2016 election where Bongbong Marcos ran for Vice President. What more, it also showcases the younger versions of President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., First Lady Imelda Marcos, and Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

Well without further ado, let's all watch the official full trailer of 'Martyr Or Murderer,' the sequel to the 2022 highest grossing film 'Maid in Malacañang.'  Here it goes:

Cristine Reyes, Cesar Montano, Ruffa Gutierrez, , Diego Loyzaga, and Ella Cruz reprise their roles as Imee Marcos, Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, Bongbong Marcos and Irene Marcos.

Additional exciting characters to the movie are Isko Moreno who plays Ninoy Aquino and Jerome Ponce who is playing the young Ninoy. The powerhouse cast also includes Marco Gumabao as the young Marcos Sr., Cindy Miranda as the young Imelda, Elizabeth Oropesa and Beverly Salviejo as the remaining maids of the Marcos Family, and Rose Van Ginkel as Maricar, Imee’s confidante during her travel in Morocco. And of course, the surprise appearance of Eula Valdes  as the current Senator Imee Marcos adds more spice to the story!  

After watching the full trailer more interesting questions were raised from the minds of the viewers and netizens. Did Imee really go into hiding and forge passports? How did her siblings cope with the sudden turn of events? How did the ailing patriarch and his Imeldific wife carry on with their lives after being stripped of power and dignity?


Furthermore, the film aims to provide answers to the unending hows and whys involving President Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos and his greatest nemesis, Senator Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr. How did all the strife between them start? How was Ninoy Aquino perceived by the people around him? Why was his death blamed on the Marcoses?  

And all these questions lead to even bigger ones:  Who is the real martyr? Who is the real murderer?

Under the direction of Darryl Yap and produced by Viva Films and VinCentiments, 'Martyr Or Murderer' is set to hit the cinemas nationwide this coming March 1, 2023! 02/11/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)

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