Vivamax Ends 2022 with "Bugso" and Starts 2023 with "Panibugho," Both Films Take the Top 2's Most Watched Movies of the Week! (Movie Reviews)

Vivamax is truly unstoppable in giving us exciting and breathtaking original sexy-thriller movies! Even on the holidays, they keep on exploding our senses with quality films ending and starting the year - ending 2022 with "Bugso" and starting 2023 with "Panibugho!"

And as of this writing, "Bugso" and "Panibugho" are taking the Top 2 Most Watched Movies of the Week in the Vivamax App. They were even the talk of the world-wide web discussing the unpredictable plot twists in the said two new movies. Not only the hot scenes, the tragic part of the stories amazed the viewers!

"Bugso" which premiered last December 30, 2022 served as Vivamax' year end offering. The movie paired the veteran actor Sid Lucero and the VMX A-Liser Ayanna Misola playing the characters of Dado and Stella. The movie also introduced the young sexy actress Hershie De Leon portraying the role of Barbie.

Dado and Stella are lovers in the story who are selling their bodies for a living. Until one day, they accidentally saved the young prostitute Barbie from her customer. But unknowingly, Barbie will cause them more troubles.  

Also joining Sid, Ayanna, and Hershie in the movie are Chad Solano, Mon Mendoza, Lara Morena, Jaggy Lejano, Rico Barrera, and Allan Paule. 

The movie is Vivamax well-casted film. As you can see, it combines the veteran actors and newbies in one huge movies. And of them truly showcased their skills in acting - kahit baguhan like Hershie and the other men in the movie nakipagsabayn sa galing kina Sid and Ayanna! Even Allan Paule and Lara Morena in their short appearance in the movie leave remarkable roles that you will definitely not forget! 

Under the direction of Adolfo Alix Jr., "Bugso" is indeed one of the hottest and sexiest movies of Vivamax as more 'exposure' will be seen on the movie. Lots of flesh and hot scenes were overflowing in the movie so you better watch it out! 

Meanwhile, here is the full trailer of the movie:


On the other hand, "Panibugho" which just premiered last January 6, 2023 is Vivamax opening salvo! The movie puts the three Raz Sisters Stephanie, Micaella, and Angela Morena on the spotlight. They play the characters of the Paraiso sisters Sonya (Angela), Ester (Stephanie), and Lea (Mikaela). Two hot Vivamax leading men Benz Sangalang and Kiko Estrada playing the characters of Mako and Felipe joined the three sexy sisters.

Set in the late 90's with a perfect cinematography, the movie tells the story of the three sisters who were bond by love and courage but broke with jealousy and hatred! Their father died but he left them with money and huge land for them to be divided. But a strange man named Felipe entered their lives and put tensions to the sisters wrecking their relationship. What more, the soldier Mako who have a secret affair to one of the ladies broke them more apart with his hidden intention.   


"Panibugho" is actually the second Vivamax movie together of the Raz Sisters after "Bata Pa Si Sabel." But in this movie, their have showcased their own acting prowess. All of them have their own style in acting. All of them have their own attack on their respective roles! And yes, they played their roles well giving justice to the characters of a responsible eldest Sonya, of a jealous sister Ester, and of an innocent youngest Lea. All of them truly stand out in acting - "walang papatalo sa galing nila sa aktingan at sa kama!"     

Here is the full trailer of "Panibugho:"


And of course, the two leading men Benz and Kiko were not left behind in terms of acting and hot scenes. Benz as the soldier Mako is very effective as an antagonist in the movie. At first you will love him but in the later part of the movie, you will hate him much! Kiko as Felipe/Tomas on the other hand will be a reverse - you will hate him at first but you will love him in the end! He played well his dual protagonist and antagonist roles! And yeah, this is also the second movie together of Benz and Kiko after "Sitio Diablo."

Under the direction of Iar Arondaing, "Panibigho" takes the No. 1 spot as the Most Watched Movies of Vivamax for the week. It is followed by "Bugso" on the second spot. Well, here is the complete list of the Top 10 Movies of Vivamax for the Week. Check it out:


Once more, congrats Vivamax and Viva Films for a back-to-back success! You really put the end of 2022 and the start of 2023 on fire! Excited for more exciting, sizzling, and thrilling projects this 2023! 01/10/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)      


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