Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger Unfollow Each Other on IG After Kelvin's Ex-Girlfriend Roselle Vytiaco Allege Them of Cheating!

It seems that the year 2023 is a year of cheating and infidelity in the showbiz world. One after another, online marites were all alive and kicking after news of breakups and dishonesty rock the world-wide-web! 

Right after the issue of Mccoy De Leon and Elisse Joson's breakup as well as the alleged breakup of Sofia Andres  and partner Daniel Miranda, here comes another controversial issue now involving the Kapuso actor Kelvin Miranda and the Kapamilya actress Kira Balinger after the model Roselle Vytiaco, the ex-girlfriend of Kelvin exposed the said infidelity of the two via her Instagram account.

In a series of her IG stories, Roselle posted screenshots of Kelvin and Kira's "flirting" conversation. Here are some of the screenshots she posted:

The issue then immediately spread like a wild fire making the topic an instant trending issue in social media. Netizens even shared their mixed reactions and emotions about Kelvin, Kira, and Roselle! 

And during the heat of the issue, netizens also noticed that Kelvin and Kira already unfollowed each other on Instagram. Here are the screenshot of the two's IG followers:

Meanwhile, here are some of the reactions and tweets of the online martites they posted on their respective Twitter accounts. Let's check these out:

What can you say about this issue involving Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger plus Kelvin's ex-girlfriend Roselle Vytiaco?! Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions folks! 01/06/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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