"Hello, Universe!" is a Modern Day Storytelling About Life Choices and Parallel Universe Led by Janno Gibbs, Written and Directed by Xian Lim | Red Carpet and Review

In life, we have many different choices. We have our set of dreams, hopes, regrets, and disappointments. What if we choose this decision over the other, what then will be the outcome?! 

These are some of the realizations we got after watching the newest Viva Films 2023 movie offering, the "Hello, Universe!" Yes, the movie is comedy in nature but it gives us several lessons in life that we need to consider to achieve the happiness everyone is aiming. 

The movie is led by the iconic 90's veteran comedian actor-singer Janno Gibbs who is playing the character of Ariel Dasalan, a basketball coach aspirant. He is joined by three more veteran comedians Benjie Paras, Gene Padilla, and Anjo Yllana. What more, Janno got two leading ladies in the movie namely Maui Taylor and Sunshine Guimary who are playing his two wives Jennifer and Lauren.

To give you a glimpse of the story, "Hello, Universe!" narrates the story of Ariel Dasalan, a delivery worker living a simple life with his wife Jennifer and only daughter (played by Madeleine Red). He has many regrets in life specially when he was defeated by his rival Mac Morales (Gene Padilla) in a basketball game. He was even fired on his work! He seems that he is not happy having that simple life. He dreams more - a wealthy life just like his rival Mac. Until one rainy day, he met a genie named Jessie (Benjie Paras).

Jessie granted the wish of Ariel. He switched his life to the life of Mac who is living on wealth, owning a company, a boss, and having a beautiful and sexy wife Lauren.  But in the middle of the story, a plot twist took place which will eventually change Ariel's mind.   

The movie is highly relatable specially to the present generation since it tackles the so called 'parallel universe' or the 'multi-universe' or 'multiverse.' We are always thinking, "what if we are living on this kind of life in the other universe?" What life will bring us if we choose this option over the other?

The movie will let you appreciate life. It will let you appreciate those little things that we have over those that we desire. I like the end credit part when a one-handed girl is playing a basketball. That part will make you realize, "lagi nating hinahanap kung ano 'ung wala tayo pero di natin nakikita at na-aapreciate ung mga bagay na meron tayo!"          

Talking about the actors, Janno Gibbs, Benjie Paras, and Anjo Ylanna once more proved their supremacy as comedy actors - "mula noon hanggang ngayon, talagang wala parin silang kupas!" They are three of the iconic comedy actors of the 90's whom I grew up with! It feels nostalgic seeing the Janno-Anjo duo who gave us the remarkable sitcoms like "Ober Da Bakod," "Beh Buti Nga,"  and "Nuts Entertainment!" Great to note as well that me and Anjo are sharing the same name in the movie - Rocky!  

The movie also showcased the skills of the chinito heartthrob actor Xian Lim as a writer and director. Yes, "Hello Universe" is from the brilliant mind of Xian Lim who is the writer and director of the movie at the same time! What more, you will see a funny and comic side of Xian as a fat sportscaster in the movie playing a cameo role!   

And since the movie emphasis everyone's favorite sports, the basketball in a light and fun settings, it gave us a 'Space Jam' feels! Even the graphics of the movie reminds us this 1996 American live-action/animated sports comedy film! 

Meanwhile just this Monday night, January 23, 2023, "Hello, Universe!"  had its red carpet premiere night at the Cinema 2 of SM Megamall. It was attended by the movie's full cast members, director, and guest celebrities. OPM iconic singer and song writer Ogie Alcasid who is also Janno Gibb's friend graced the event. Even Janno's real-life father Ronaldo Valdez who is now well-known as "Lolo Sir" was also spotted showing support to his son!   

Well if you missed attending the last night's event, here are my full live video coverage and clips during "Hello, Universe!" Red Carpet Premiere Night. Let's all watch these:

Feel free also to grab our event photos taken during the actual event. They were all shared and uploaded in our Official Facebook Page. You may check them as well below:

"Hello, Universe!" is the second movie offering of Viva Films for 2023 following the success of "Girlfriend Na Pwede Na!" It will officially open on cinemas nationwide this coming Wednesday, January 25, 2023.   

Also part of the movie as cast members are Joe Vargas, MJ cayabyab, Mark Andaya, Gino Ilustre, Majo Lingat, Ube Lola, and Darwin Tolentino with Gab Lagman in a very special participation!

Watch the movie and feel free to share with us your thoughts and reaction afterwards. Once more, congrats Viva Films for producing another exciting must-see movie! Kudos! 01/24/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)

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