First Look: David Licauco as Fidel in El Filibusterismo, the Book 2 of 'Maria Clara at Ibarra!'

Everyone is really excited for this Monday (January 30)'s episode of the hit GMA Primetime series 'Maria Clara at Ibarra."  This Monday, El Filibusterismo, the second book and sequel of Dr. Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere will officially start!  

Yeah, all of us were really excited to see the lives of the main characters like Crisostomo Ibarra, Maria Clara, Basilo, Padre Salvi, and Fidel. What happen to them after Noli?! 

Well, if we read the actually book the El Fili, we already have an idea on what happen to the lives of those fictional characters. But we are unsure if what happen to the additional character of Fidel, the well-loved character of David Licauco in the series. Will he be as rich as before or he already joined the tulisan in the forest?

When the teaser of Episode 86, the upcoming episode of 'Maria Clara ai Ibarra' this Monday was shown, we got surprised seeing the brand new look of Fidel (David Licauco). Away from his neat and fair complexion in Noli, Fidel this time is brown with a long hair!

Here is his looks now in El Filibusterismo, the book 2 of 'Maria Clara at Ibarra' which he also shared on his official social media accounts:


What do you think really happened to his character in the story? Did he also camouflage himself just like what Crisostomo Ibarra did as the vengeful Simoun?  

We are also excited to see how Fidel and Klay (Barbie Forteza) will cross path again. Will their romance bloom finally in these new chapters? How about having a selfie with Klay since Klay already brought her cellphone with her?!

Talking more about David Licauco, his character as Fidel in 'Maria Clara at Ibarra' made him more famous! He became more well-known and more well-loved today because of his character! In fact, David Licauco is hailed as the Breakthrough Celebrity of the Year in our recently concluded 13TH TV Series Craze Awards 2022!

Once more, congrats David! We are really so excited to know how your character transitioned in El Filibusterismo! Hoping and looking forward for your happy 'endgame' with Klay in the series! 01/30/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)

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