Claudine Barretto Returns on the Big Screen Joining Paolo Gumabao and Aljur Abrenica in the MMFF 2022 Movie Entry "Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told!"

It was indeed a star-studded night during the red carpet premiere of one of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2022 movie entries, "Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told" when the biggest stars graced the event which took place on Cinema 8 of SM Megamall, December 15. 2022. Aljur Abrenica, Paolo Gumabao, and the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto were three of the big stars who were also three of the lead cast members of the movie who took part on the event.  

Yes, the movie also marks as the second comeback film of Claudine after the success of "Deception" which streamed last January in Vivamax. Here in "Mamasapano," the Optimum Star plays the character of the wife of one of the soldier victims of SAF44 who is seeking justice for his husband.

Paolo and Aljur on the other hand play the character of two of the soldiers' leads. They're on the battle field fighting in most of the scenes in the movie. Luckily, they were two of the survivors of Fallen 44 but experienced the painful lost of their mistahs.   

Joining Claudine, Paolo, and Aljur on the red carpet premiere night of the movie are Rey PJ Abellana, Ritz Azul, Rez Cortez and Atty. Ferdinand Topacio with the movie director Lester Dimaranan. Present as well are the Vivamax hot sexy actors Marco Gomez, Elmo Elarmo, and Alvaro Oyteza who were also part of the cast playing as three of the soldier members of the Seaborne 13 army. Hunk actor Polo Ravarez, Vivamax writer-actress Quinn Carillo, and 90's versatile actress Nikki Valencia were also present as guest celebrities showing support to the movie.      

Well, if you missed attending the event, here are our live video coverage and highlight videos detailing some of the important happenings during the night. Let's watch these:

"Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told" is a movie full of action. It narrates the true story, the truth about the downfall of the SAF44 soldiers. It serves as an eye-opener to the viewers, to the people, and to the Filipinos who are seeking justice.      

The movie is well-detailed - the actual dates, the place, and the people and officials involved were well-documented and well-presented in the film. The screenplay and the cinematography seems that you're watching an international movie. And of  course, the cast were all superb in their acting performances portraying important characters.   

Also part of the cast members are Edu Manzano, Allan Paule, Gerard Santos, and Myrtle Sarroza.

Produced by Borracho Film and distributed by Viva Films, "Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told" will officially open on cinemas starting this Christmas, December 25, 2022. Well if you're a viewer who loves watching action and documentary film, this movie is definitely for you! It's another must-see film for everyone specially for those seeking truth and justice! 12/18/2022 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky) 


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