Meet TERA, The Newest PH's Pop Artist Conquering the Music Scene with her Hit Single "Higher Dosage"

Are you ready to meet the newest pop icon conquering the music scene with her hit single "Higher Dosage?!"  And yeah, she showcased her talent in a grand media launch which seems like a mini-concert performing on stage with a guest star JM De Guzman! Well, let's get to know TERA!

Merlion Events Production Inc. and Tyronne Escalante Artist Management has teamed up once again to produce another entertainment powerhouse artist in the name of ‘Tera.’

Tera, which means Earth in Latin, is ready to break new ground in the country’s entertainment industry with her latest single, “Higher Dosage.” The self-composed alternative pop single deals with darker themes such as alcohol and illegal substances, and moreover, how people deal with their problems.

“‘Higher Dosage’ is a song I wrote in 2019. No matter what your age, gender, or nationality is, everyone has a struggle that they’re enduring. This song reflects that darkness,” Tera shares. The triple-threat (songwriter, singer, and dancer) is aware that her music is going to be very unique from what Philippine pop fans are used to, but she believes it is what makes her music necessary, saying: “There are already a lot of songs about love, finding it and losing it. What I offer to the audience is a real, some would say deeper, take on emotions, life events, [and] humanity. My debut single is definitely different from what people are used to, but I think anyone could relate to it.”

But Tera is definitely not settling for the shock factor. With her upcoming music video for the single, she had to undergo tons of preparations and meetings to make sure that her vision aligns with that of Director Elena Virata, who Tera praises was very “open minded and kind with the whole process.”


With her dance preparations, choreographers Douglas Nierras, Chrisy Sawada, and Froi Dabalus helped bring her song’s meaning to life through their artistic, meaningful choreography. She also underwent piano training in the Yupangco Music Academy, Voice Masterclass with Monet Silvestre, and most recently, in The Madz Studio coached by Alfred Samonte.

Produced by Merlion Events Production Inc. and managed by Tyronne Escalante Artist Management (TEAM), Tera was officially launched as an artist on October 25, 2022 at the Seda Vertis North Hotel in Quezon City. During the launching, Tera also performed her two other singles—“Façade” and “Sa Dilim.”

“This is a dream come true for me. I grew up watching live concert CDs of Michael Jackson and Beyoncé who both shaped me as a performer. Even as a child, I would perform for people and ever since then, I just never got tired of sharing my craft. Ultimately, I hope that people would relate to my songs and be blown away by my performances,” Tera ends.

TEAM Manager Tyronne Escalante shares that they are very much excited about the launch, “Tera writes her own songs and she is a natural-born performer. We can’t wait for everyone to know her and be just as amazed with her talent as we are. She brings something distinct to the country’s music scene and we’re supporting her all the way.” 10/27/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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