"May-December-January" Tells Us a Story of a Three-Way Unconditional Love | Red Carpet and Review

How far can you sacrifice for love?

This is one of the questions that will eventually comes out in your mind after watching the newest Viva Films' original heavy drama movie "May-December-January" led by three of the versatile stars namely Ms. Andrea Del Rosario, Kych Minemoto, and Gold Aceron. Watching its full trailer at first, the movie really sounds intriguing and controversial. But after watching the full movie, you will discover a deeper meaning of the story and the lesson that will impact to our hearts.

 "May-December-January" tells the story of a single mom Claire (Andrea). She is a writer and a hard-working mother who will do anything for his only son Pol (Gold). Pol has a bestfriend Migoy (Kych) who eventually falls in love with his mother. Later on, Claire and Migoy turn lovers. But unknowing to them, Pol is secretly in love with his bestfriend Migoy and later on discovers the relationship of his mother and his bestfriend! 

Definitely, the first question that you would ask after knowing the plot of the story is "sinong nagkatuluyan sa huli?" But then again, you will be surprised after watching the full movie as it gives you a unexpected plot twist! 

One thing I love most about this film is that it tackles the so-called 'unconditional' love - that love has no age and no gender! Love is equal and is not limited to the rules dictated by the society. 

I love how the movie emphasizes the different forms of love not only in the form of same-sex relationship or May-December affair, but also, it discusses the unconditional love of mother to his son; the son to his mother specially the scene where Pol didn't spend his allowance so that his mother Claire can take a month-long rest from work; and a love of a true friend that he will accept you no matter who you are!   

I even love the settings and the location of the story. It takes place on the beautiful and cold City of Baguio. The place adds more color, emotions, and intensity to the whole story flow reminding us of iconic Asian dramas we've used to love!

In terms of acting, the three of them were all superb - no one was left behind! Given already that Andrea is a veteran actress, Kych and Gold were also revelations in terms of acting specially on their heavy drama confrontation scenes. And oh yes, their bed scenes were truly steamy hot and were really artistically made of art! Who would you bet, the love scene of Migoy and Claire (Kych and Andrea) or the love scene of Migoy and Pol (Kych and Gold)? 

On the other hand, the theme song of the movie called "Pagdating ng Panahon" sung and popularized by Aiza (Ice) Seguerra is truly nostalgic! It brings lots of memories when the song was played on the background. I was a first year college student back then when that song became a huge smash hit! 

Meanwhile during the red carpet premiere night of "May-December-January," held at the SM City Cinema The Block on October 10, 2022, the three lead cast members Andrea, Kych, and Gold together with the movie writer Ricky Lee graced the event and answered intriguing questions from the media. 

Well, check out below our video coverage and some of the interviews during the event. Here they go:


Aside from Andrea, Kych, and Gold, other celebrities and personalities were spotted gracing the red carpet and supporting the movie. Some of them are the Sparkle GMA Artist Center talents namely Saviour Ramos, Anjay Anson, and Starstruck's Shane Sava; a Ppop girl group member; and the Viva Hot Babes member Sheree.        

Under the direction of Mac Alejandre and written by Ricardo "Ricky" Lee, "May-December-January" is now showing on cinemas starting today, October 12, 2022. This is truly another masterpiece and a must-see movie from Viva Films! Ops, don't forget to bring your tissue before watching the movie!

Feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, and reviews here in our comment section after watching this film. Enjoy! 10/12/2022 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)   


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