Psalm David Tells the Story Behind his New Song 'Kaulayaw!'

'The Clash' Season 1's Psalm David just released his new single, 'Kaulayaw!' 

During his virtual mediacon, Psalm shared exciting facts about himself as well as the story behind his new song. Yeah, Psalm is also the one who wrote the said inspiring song.

As per Psalm, he wrote 'Kaulayaw' during pandemic and during the time he underwent depression. He was inspired to write the lyrics of the song and at the same time, it helped him to cope up with the feelings of depression. Actually he wrote two songs and submitted it to GMA Music. He was surprised that 'Kaulayaw' was the one accepted for release. 

Psalm also revealed that 'Kaulayaw' didn't only pertain to one person. It represents many things that inspire him including his family and friends.

We all know that Psalm is a good singer and a great song writer. Therefore during TV Series Craze's interview with Psalm, we've asked what are the other talents of Psalm that we didn't know yet. At the same time, we've asked him about his other traits and characteristics that he needs to enhance and improve with.

And here is our virtual interview with Psalm during our mediacon:


We are also curious about the music video of his new song. And during our interview, Psalm described what he would love to be included the video including the settings, theme, and the stars or artists who would act on the video.

But since the music video is not yet officially released, GMA music shared for the meantime its lyrics video. And here how it goes:


Furthermore, Psalm unveiled that he wants to collaborate with Pinoy singers like Zack Tabudlo, Arthur Miguel, Arthur Nery, and Zephanie. According to him, these artists are those giving life to our today's OPM music!

Released by GMA Music, 'Kaulayaw' is now officially out on Spotify and on the different digital musical platforms!    

Again, congrats Psalm on your new single! Looking forward for your new projects on the coming days! God bless and keep it up! 07/01/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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