Netizens Are Shipping Cheong-San and Su-Hyeok! Look: "All of Us Are Dead" Yoon Chan-Young's IG Post with Co-Star Lomon Receives 1.5 Million Likes!

Seems that fans and viewers and missing the tandem or the 'bromance' of Cheong-San and Su-Hyeok of the the hit Netflix Korean zombie series "All of Us Are Dead!" That's why yesterday, these two lead oppas of the series went viral in social media!


This is when the lead actor Yoon Chan-Young who played the iconic character of Lee Cheong-San posted on his official Instagram account a fun and wacky selfies of him with co-star Park Solomon who portrayed the heartthrob role of Lee Su-Hyeok in the series!

Here is one of the said photos he just posted:


Instantly, the said post turned as the top trending topic in the world wide web and immediately became the talk of the netizens. And yes, the said IG post garnered million likes and comments! As of this writing, the said post already received 1.5 Million likers or 1,563, 831 Million reactions to be exact!

Here is the current number of likers of the said selfie post:

Netizens, viewers, and fans of these two actors are shipping them! They are wishing for a BL series for these two actors wherein they are the lead or the main couple. As they say, their chemistry is so natural, overflowing, and better than their girl partners in their recent zombie series.

Here are some of the comments and reactions received by the said post shipping them together:


Meanwhile, here is the actual post of Yoon Chan-Young in his IG post:

They are really well-supported by fans and shippers! They really have good chemistry together! It's a match as they say!

Will you also love to see them together in a BL series? What will be the genre of their BL series if ever - action, romcom, horror, or heavy drama? How about in the Season 2 of "All of Us Are Dead," what character development do you want for these two?!  

Again, congrats and more power Lomon and Chan-Young! Keep the ship sailing! 04/07/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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