"All of Us are Dead" New Meme: Meet the Immortal Family - Cardo Dalisay, Nanno, and Gwi-Nam!

"Sana All may UNLI Life...!"

 This is one of the fun comments in the new memes of the 2022 smash hit Netflix Korean zombie series "All of Us are Dead."

The said new memes is dubbed as "Meet the Immortal Family." And in that said photo features the fictional characters of Cardo Dalisay from the Philippines' "FPJ's Ang Probonsyano" as the father, Nanno from Thailand's "Girl From Nowhere" as the mother, and Gwi-Nam of course from Korea's "All of Us are Dead" as the son!

Well, here is the said memes which truly caught the interest of the netizens and was shared many times in different social media platforms:


Played by the Korean actor Yoo In-Soo, the character of Gwi-Nam in the said zombies series is the most hated. He's the main antagonist who killed the character of Cheong-San (played by Yoon Chan Young). And since he never die in the series even though killed many times, his so-called 'Unli Life' was being relate to Cardo Dalisay and Nanno forming them into one happy family!

Played by the actor Coco Martin and by the actress Chicha Amatayaku, the characters of Cardo Dalisay and Nanno were also immortal, they never die in their respective TV series!  

Aside from having 'Unli Life,' what's also common for these three fictional characters is that their own respective series namely "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano," "Girl From Nowhere," and "All of Us are Dead" were all huge hits taking the entertainment world by storm! 

Aside from this trinity or family memes, what other memes about "All of Us are Dead"  are you thinking of? Feel free to share them with us so that we can feature them! 02/20/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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