Wow! KDLex Fancon SVIP and VIP Tickets Sold Out in an Hour!

KDLex magic continues! In just an hour, the special tickets for their upcoming virtual fan meet were sold out in an hour!

Fans and shippers of KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad were truly allured. After the announcement that their tandem, the KDLex was official last Sunday, fans and supporters of the two were thrilled when it was also unveiled that they will also have their own virtual fan meeting dubbed as "Closer."   

The tickets for the said concert went on sale, Thursday, January 27, 2022. But in just an hour, the special tickets - both the SVIP and the VIP tickets which priced at P599 and P399 each  were sold out! The exciting news was also officially reported by KTX.

What's so special with these tickets? The VIP pass gives fans access to a virtual afterparty, aside from the main show; while SVIP ticket on the other hand, holders will get to enjoy both, plus a special behind-the-scenes feature. Exciting!

Meanwhile, the regular ticket remains at P199 each. Holders will still enjoy and feel the love from the performances of KDLex.

“Closer” is actually the first official project of KD and Alexa as a pair, following their trending stint as housemates in “Pinoy Big Brother" Kumunity Edition. It was a treat granted to all their fans, shippers, and viewers who are keep supporting them in and out of the big brother's house.

Moreover, aside from this virtual fan meeting, KDLex is set to lead in their first ever series under Dreamscape which is scheduled to release this summer! Oh wow!

Once more, congratulations KDLex! You really deserve all these blessings! More to come! 01/28/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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