Watch: Matt Lozano of "Voltes V Legacy" Reveals Being Brokenhearted of his First Love, Paved Way to the Creation of his New Single "Walang Pipigil!"

The 'Big Bird'  of the much anticipated GMA's adaptation, the "Voltes V Legacy," Matt Lozano released his new single, "Walang Pipigil."  But did you know that this song was written 10 years ago inspired by his first love?

On our exclusive virtual blogcon interview, Matt revealed that he wrote the song "Walang Pipigil" way back in 2011 for his first love. But their love story was not successful. And that heartache paved way for him to write the said song.


Matt further emphasized his favorite line in the song and sang it live during our interview.

Here is our said exclusive virtual interview with Matt Lozano narrating the story behind the song:


Aside from "Walang Pipigil," Matt also gave some updates about "Voltes V Legacy." He even dedicated songs to the lead cast members namely Miguel Tanfelix, Isabel Ortega, and Martin Del Rosario.

Here is our live video coverage during the blogcon:

 Now, let's listen to "Walang Pipigil" while watching its lyric video with Matt singing and doing the studio recording. Here it goes:


Again, congratulations Matt not only to the success of your first single "Walang Pipigil" but also to your upcoming TV series "Voltes V Legacy" and to your new endorsements! Keep it up! 09/22/2021 (TV Series Craze)


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