Where to Go for Live Entertainment

Although we can all agree that jamming out to music in the car or enjoying a stand up comic through headphones can be excellent: nothing competes with live entertainment.  We react stronger to it.  From how music seems to hit harder, with drums that we can feel in our chest- to getting to laugh and cheer with other people in the audience that you don't know: it's different from anything else.  If you're new to an area or new to live entertainment, it may seem hard to find a show.

Instead of hoping a band’s concert poster will blow into your yard, here are the top places to enjoy live entertainment!

Local Bars

This option requires a little research first to ensure you're not just going into a building packed with drunk people.  Instead, check out the local bars to see if they mention their online presence that they're hosting any performers.  Between Thursday and Saturday night, many bars will host a couple of bands to entertain patrons.  IF you don't want to sit in a crowded room full of drunk people, there are other options: this choice is just the easiest to attend!

Comedy Clubs 

Comedy clubs are the lifeblood of some cities’ nightlives.  Pay a door cover fee, or reach a drink requirement, and enjoy the comedic stylings of those in your area.  Although you can't guarantee that you'll find a great comedian, most of these clubs host several entertainers in a night- so you're bound to find at least one that you like!  Don't be afraid to get to know the other patrons, and settle in for a night of laughs!

Check Websites Like Craigslist and Twitter 

Although Craigslist is more for buying and selling things people don’t feel like listing on eBay, it also has a thriving place in the party and entertainment sphere.  You can use Craigslist and Twitter to look for bands, comedians, and other performers advertising upcoming gigs- and possibly buy tickets to the event.  You should be careful, though, and google a band or do some research before attending any event.  If not, you might be the only guest who shows up, and that could be awkward.

Music On The Lawn 

The moment summer heat sets in, every city with a population larger than thirty thousand starts hosting live music in its public parks.  Go to your city, or county, events site and look for upcoming public concerts.  These performances are a fantastic way to learn more about local artists and possibly find a new favorite band!

Host Your Event 

If none of these fun locations are places that you’d want to go: there’s always the idea that you could host an event on your own!  Figure out a venue, look into booking entertainment that matches what you want, and put it out there that this is happening!  It’s a good idea to let people know at least a month ahead so that they can make plans, but don’t spam and bother everyone for that whole month: let the show speak for itself. 03/31/2021 (TV Series Craze)


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