Dance Along to the Hottest TikTok Trends with the Help of Oliver Sullano's Tutorials

TikTok has truly become a space where makers and movers can express themselves fearlessly. It has also become a venue for those who wish to share their knowledge and skills with others. 18-year old Oliver Sullano is one such creator, who, through his content, is able to teach others how to dance along to the latest TikTok trends.

This multifaceted creator is a dancer, artist, athlete, and student. Despite his busy schedule, he is still able to share videos consistently with his followers. Oliver finds balance between all of his responsibilities by focusing on being productive, and avoiding wasting time on unnecessary things. He believes that, with discipline and the right mindset, you can do everything you need and want to do each day.

Oliver has always loved dancing, and this is actually what compelled him to join TikTok. After seeing the various dance videos on the platform, he downloaded the app, and started trying them himself. Before long, he was creating his own original dance videos, along with other reliable content that his followers truly loved.


Once he found out how much happiness his posts could bring to others, Oliver knew he had to keep on creating. For Oliver, the best part about being a TikTok creator is getting to inspire other people to do better, and impacting their lives in a positive way.

He never expected that he could connect with so many people just by doing what he loves and enjoys. This has made the challenge of posting regularly, and learning to deal with unavoidable haters, all worth it. He shares that, if you have even a second to look at negative comments, then you definitely have the time to see and appreciate the good things that are coming your way.

To aspiring creators, Oliver says, never give up. In order to achieve big things in life, you cannot take the easy way. Remember that small progress is still progress. Once you reach your goals, all the effort will be worth it. And, most importantly, love and enjoy what you do.

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