MewGulf or BrightWin: Who Did It Better?

MewGulf  or BrightWin, who between these two favorite Thai BL (Boys Love) love teams did it better on their sweet grass flat layout?

MewGulf or the love team of Mew Suppasit  and Gulf Kanawut who played as Tharn and Type on the hit 2019 Thai BL series "TharnType The Series" had their 'lying on the grass' scene on the Episode 13, a special final episode of "TharnType The Series."

Meanwhile, BrightWin or the tandem of Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin or better known now as SarawaTin of today's phenomenal hit Thai BL series "2Gether The Series"  had their same 'lying on the grass' scene on the music video "Kan Goo," the series' one of the official theme songs performed by Bright.

Well, let's watch again those said romantic scenes and feel their love stories.

MewGulf in the Final Scene of TharnType The Series' Episode 13:

BrightWin in the Final Scene of Kan Goo's Music Video:

MewGulf or BrightWin or Both?

Whether you chose either, the two BL loveteams are still taking the world by storm! Congrats to these two successful BL series tandems! More projects to both of you! 05/05/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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