Watch: Loisa Andalio Raps on "James & Pat & Dave" BlogCon | Donny Pangilinan and Ronnie Alonte Share Exciting Revelations

A day before the Valentine, the three lead stars together with their movie director of Star Cinema's heart month offering, "James & Pat & Dave" graced a fun-filled blogcon. Donny Pangilinan, Ronnie Alonte, and Loisa Andalio together with the movie director Theodore Boborol shared exciting revelations not only about their movie but also about themselves.

Did you know that Loisa is a rapper? Yes, since childhood, Loisa is a lover of rap music. She revealed the rap artists she loves to listen with. During the blogcon, Loisa performed a sample of her rap music singing the movie theme song, "Simpleng Tao."

Donny on the other hand gave a glimpse of his love story we witnessed in the end of the movie. Can you guess the special girl who made a cameo in the film? According to him, there will be a new project inline with him together with that 'mystery girl.'

Meanwhile Ronnie discussed about rejections. Can you guess how many times Ronnie experience rejections? What are the moves he made to surpass such kind of trial?

Well without further talks, here is one part of our full live video coverage revealing the other side of Ronnie, Donny, and Loisa discussed during blogcon. Let's all watch this:

Meanwhile after the success of "Vince & Kath & James," why did the movie director Theodore Boborol decided to come up with "James & Pat & Dave?" Is it Loisa Andalio really intended to play the role of Pat? Or they gave it to her just because she is the real-life girlfriend of Ronnie? Who should be the original to portray such character?

"James & Pat & Dave"  is actually Donny's third movie project after "Walwal" and "Fantastica." Now that he got a third film, what other adjustments he made to perfectly play the character of Dave? What scenes are the most memorable and most challenging for him? The movie further unveiled a sexier and a hunkier Donny Pangilinan. Are we expecting more topless Donny on the coming days?

To answer further exciting questions, let watch this other part of our live video coverage below:

Now showing on more than 100 theaters nationwide, treat your love ones with "James & Pat & Dave" and feel the love and good vibes of the movie. Promise, the movie is a stress-free film full of cool, romantic, inspiring, and comedy scenes!

Here are more of the group photos of the casts and director of the movie during the blogcon:

Congratulations LoiNie, Donny, Direk Theodore, and Star Cinema for another successful romcom film! Thumbs up! 02/14/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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