Nadine Lustre, Marco Gumabao, and Carlo Aquino Lead Us to the Mythical World of "Ulan"

For the first time, Nadine Lustre, the other half of the JaDine tandem lead in a movie without her reel and real life partner James Reid. The movie is called "Ulan," a romance-drama film with a touch of Philippine folklores. In the absence of James, Nadine is paired with three leading men namely Marco Gumabao, AJ Muchlach, and Marco Gumabao.

In the movie, Nadine gives life to the character of Maya, a hopeless romantic young woman.

Maya is raised by her grandmother. As a child, Maya became aware of the mythical creature called "Tikbalang," a half-horse and a half-human. She also believes in the superstition that when a rain pours in the middle of a sunny day, these two creatures are being wed. As per her grandmother, this means that heaven is not in favor of this union.
Maya grew up hopeless romantic. She works in a publishing company as an editorial assistant. She has fallen in love and has been heartbroken twice. And then she meets Peter who is kind, thoughful, helpful, and every bit of a boyfriend material. But Maya realizes that each time she's onto something good, rain falls all of a sudden. Must she now take it as a bad omen? Is it heaven's way of telling her that she's about to face a bitter fate?

Look: The Ambiance of the "Ulan" Media Conference:

On the Media Conference of "Ulan" held Saturday morning of February 23, 2019 at The Felicidad Mansion, Quezon City, Viva Films gave us the feel of Maya's world. The place turned to a vintage room. There was Maya's bedroom and clothing, and the Philippine folklore creatures like Tikbalang and the eggs that were shown in the full trailer were present in the MediaCon.

Also present in the grand media conference are the main casts led by Nadine Lustre, Marco Gumabao, Carlo Aquino, and the childstar who played as young Maya. The movie director, Ms. Irene Emma Villamor also present helping the cast members in answering intriguing questions from the media.

The Actual Q & A:

During the media conference, Nadine revealed her preparations doing the movie without James Reid. She explained that even though James is not in the story, he is still in full support to his girl friend Nadine. But how about working with new leading men? Are there bed scenes with them?

Nadine shared that there are no harm working with Carlo and Marco since the two are already Nadine's close friend. They are already worked together in the future projects. Bed scenes? - Nope, they were all wholesome in the story. How about Carlo and Marco exposing their abs and sexy body? - Well, it's the viewers to find out when they watch the movie!

Arrival and Solo Interviews of the Casts:

Will Marco the third wheel of Nadine and Carlo's love story in the movie? Will he be like the greedy kontrabida Matteo Sylverio in the hit afternoon teleserye "Los Bastardos?" Marco shared that he's not! He will be loved in the movie.

Meanwhile, the movie director Irene Villamor revealed that Xian Lim is their first choice to play Carlo Aquino's character in the movie. But since Xian is too busy in his different commitments, he was replaced by Carlo.

The media conference also paved way to the discovery of Nadine, Carlo, and Marco's character and past experiences in relation to "Ulan." Nadine described herself now as smooth-sailing compared before. Two years ago, Nadine faced a storm when her brother died. Carlo and Marco on the other hand let the media people think if what type of rain they are. They said, it depends upon the situation.

Meet Nadine's Two New Leading Men: 

Furthermore, Nadine shared that during her childhood, she and her friends were hunting 'tikbalong.'
On my next post, we'll share with you our live video coverage during the #UlanMediaConference. So stay tune folks!

"Ulan," a romantic drama movie from Viva Entertainment is set to hit the cinemas nationwide this coming March 13, 2019. This is another exciting film to watch out! 02/28/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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