Henry Cavill Bids Goodbye as 'Superman,' Michael B. Jordan to Take his Throne?

For the new generation including yours truly, Henry Cavill is our best Superman! For us, he is perfect for the said superhero role, our favorite! He even proved his blockbuster charisma for making three "Superman"  movies on top of the box-office competition. Therefore, we're sadden for his departure as the Man of Steel.  

According to reports, Cavill was dissatisfied with current negotiations with Warner Bros, the film outfit who bring "Superman" on the big screen for the recent three franchise. What more surprised the netizens is a news saying that a possible actor to replace his role is no other than Michael B. Jordan. 

Jordan is best known playing the villainous Killmonger to Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

Aside from the reports of Cavill's exit and Jordan's possible replacement, rumors say that DC will not be bringing out a solo Superman movie in the near future. Instead, they will focus on "Supergirl."

The new Superman will just lead the other superheroes in their right place.  The "Justice League"  stars Jason Momoa who played as "Aquaman" and Gal Gadot, this generation's "Wonder Woman" will still have their own movies - "Aquaman" on December 21 and "Wonder Woman 1984" on 2019.   

Meanwhile, since Cavill already stepped out as Superman, they say that he may likely join Ben Affleck, the actor who starred as "Batman" in the franchise in a not yet announced project.

What's your reaction on Henry Cavill's  exit as Superman?! How about to Michael B. Jordan's consideration to replace him in the said most coveted role?! Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions on these issues. 09/15/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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