Dingdong Dantes Takes Us in the Deserts of Nevada in "Amazing Earth"

It’s another amazing Sunday as Kapuso Primetime King, Dingdong Dantes, takes you across the nation and around the world for more breath-taking adventures on “AMAZING EARTH”  - the Filipino version of the award-winning BBC nature  documentary, “Planet Earth II.” 

“In This Corner” takes us to the deserts of Nevada where two wild horses (mustang) come to blows in a battle to secure mating rights and exclusive access to the remaining water holes.

Be entertained by the unique behavior of the adorable shovel-snouted lizard in “Dancing Butiki”  - as it attempts to stay cool in the scorching desert sand.

In “Ano ang Nasa Dako Pa Roon,”  we are introduced to the golden mole, a blind, nocturnal rodent the size of a pingpong ball that hunts with speed and precision aided by its excellent sense of hearing.

Brace yourselves for a gut-wrenching battle between a desert long-eared bat and its venomous prey, a deathstalker scorpion in “Nanlaban ang Alakdan” set in Israel’s Negev Desert.

In “Mag-igib ay ‘Di Biro,” the head-standing darkling beetle of the Namib Desert will leave us all breathless as it climbs to the top of the dunes to ingeniously collect moisture from the mist that blows in from the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Sand Dunes of Paoay offers several activities for thrill-seekers and adventurers. How do locals preserve this natural wonder? The leader of an off-road riders’ group who has put up measures to protect the environment will enlighten us all in a chat with Dingdong.

Learn more about the Philippine warty pig or baboy damo in the animated trivia segment. What does it eat? Where is it found?  How many of its kind are still left? Dingdong has the answers.

Directed by Rico Gutierrez, “AMAZING EARTH,” airs every Sunday after “24 Oras Weekend.” Make it a family habit to explore, enjoy and learn with DINGDONG DANTES about our one and only planet in “AMAZING EARTH!” 08/03/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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