Action and Drama Collide in AXN's Two Returning TV Series

This July, nonstop drama and action return with the all newseasons of two top-rated crime drama series – NCIS: Los Angeles and Blue Bloods.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service’s Office of Special Projects takes on more undercoverwork and hard-to-crack cases in Los Angeles. Special agents G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) an dSam Hanna (LL Cool J) lead their elite team of undercover operatives as they continue to fightthe most dangerous criminals the city has ever seen.Season 9 opens with the team sensing that Hetty (Linda Hunt) must be up to something covertafter  she  turns in  her  retirement  papers  and  disappears.   

Executive Assistant   Director ShayMosley (Nia Long) comes to Los Angeles to oversee the team and makes staffing changes.Immediately, she develops issues with Callen and company. Also, Sam insists that Callen find anew partner. 

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 airs every Thursday at 9:50pm, first and exclusive on AXN.

Blue Bloods Season 8

The   Reagans,   NYPD’s  First   Family   of   Law   Enforcement,   are  back   in  the   limelight  as   theypassionately defend New York City from lawless elements. In the new season, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is thinking of retiring after the death of his wifeLinda in a rescue helicopter crash. But Erin (Bridget Moynahan) pleads with him to help her witha  case that involves  her ex-husband, Jack (Peter Hermann),  who has been  attacked in hisoffice. Jamie (Will Estes) and partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray) go undercover as a couple to bust ashady drug dealer. 

Meanwhile, Frank (Tom Selleck) protects one of his own as he clashes with the new mayor,Margaret Dutton (Lorraine Bracco), when he refused to release the disciplinary record of thepolice officer involved in the shooting of an unarmed woman shoplifter.

Blue Bloods Season 8 airs every Wednesday at 9:45 pm, first and exclusive on AXN. 07/10/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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