BTS: #MayWard Photoshoot in Germany #MakingMEGA x Vivo

Dreams do come true, just ask up and coming star and Vivo local endorserMaymay Entrata, who recently spent her Christmas in Germany, the hometown of the other half of the MayWard phenom, Edward Barber. 

The trip might seem all for fun, but no, the workaholic loveteam braved the cold in their fairytale-inspired creationsfor the respective February 2018 cover of Mega and Mega Man magazines. It was their first ever cover and out-of-the-country shoots with Mega. 

The results are magical, to say the least. But the process to get the shots are even more impressive. 

MayWard fans will get a glimpse of how the cover shoots were perfectedin a special documentary to be screened on Sunday, March 4, from 6pm to 8pm at SM Aura IMAX Theatre for free. 

The #MakingMEGAshoot in Germany with Entrata and Barbers was made possible through the support of Vivo. Entrata joinedVivo’s family during the launch of the V7+ smartphone in September 2017. 

In one of theeditorials, the V7+ played a role in telling the story of a trapped princess saved by her dashing prince. For this shoot, the V7+ was stuck in a snow-covered forest in Germany as its 5.99-inch all screen display showed the image of Entrata until it was picked up by Barber, rescuing the cursed damsel in the process.

On Sunday, fans will get to see more of these interactions and other exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of making the February 2018 cover of the Mega magazines with one of today’sinfluential loveteams. 03/01/2018 (TV Series Craze) 

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