RK Bagatsing and Tony Labrusca are 'Most Promising Actors of the Year' - The 8TH TV Series Craze Awards 2017

Two hunk actors who are playing vital roles in two hit Primetime TV series bagged the title of Most Promising Actors of the Year here in our very own The 8TH TV Series Craze Awards 2017.

RK Bagatsing and Tony Labrusca who were also well-known today as Arnaldo and Jake prove that they were not only of hot gorgeous body but also have talents in acting which made viewers and netizens hook on their respective characters.  

RK is currently playing the character of Mayor Arnaldo Ardiente Torilio in the hit Primetime teleserye "Wildflower" with Maja Salvador as his love interest. Though he is an antagonist in the said series, he is still well-loved by viewers because they see the great talent of RK. RK is the brother of the actor Raymond Bagatsing who is also a kontrabida in the afternoon teleserye "Pusong Ligaw." It definitely runs in the blood as they say!

Tony on the hand is very new in the TV series world. He is a finalist in last year's reality singing competition, "Pinoy Boyband Superstar." Though he didn't make it to be part of the newly created boygroup, the BoybandPH, Tony got his luck being part of the lead casts of the hit Primetime fantaserye "La Luna Sangre" playing the character of the half-human half werewolf Jake. His character in the series revealed that he is not only good in music, but he is also very good in acting! 

RK and Tony were two of the most promising actors today. Their two hit teleseryes prove that they were the next in-demand leading men. Who knows next year, they will lead in their own TV series or movie projects. RK and Tony truly deserve to be our Most Promising Actors of the Year Awardees. Congratulations guys! Looking forward for your new projects in the coming days! 12/31/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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