Look: Kathryn Bernardo's New Transformation in "La Luna Sangre"

During the fight scene of Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) and Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) in the Wednesday episode of "La Luna Sangre" dubbed as #LLSHunt, Kathryn's second new transformation as a half-wolf half-vampire has been revealed. And here is how she looks like:

Malia transform everytime she fights with Supremo! We may recall that her first transformation as a white wolf took place during her first fight with Sandrino the time that she saved Tristan (Daniel Padilla) from death.

Meanwhile, netizens said that Malia's second transformation looks like Verusca (Ina Raymundo) when she was bitten by a vampire.

What do you think of this new transformation of Malia?! Seems more exciting episodes are inline ojn the coming days! 12/23/2017 (TV Series Craze) 

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