Meet Gab Lagman, The Best Man of Arnaldo in Wildflower's WildestWedding!

The so-called "Wildest Wedding" of  Maja Salavdor and RK Bagatsing who were playing the characters of Ivy Aguas and Mayor Arnaldo Ardiente Torillo in the hit ABS-CBN Primetime series "Wildflower" made it as the world web wide's top trending topic! It also showcased the great acting skills of Maja and RK deserving them to receive acting awards.

But aside from Maja and RK or the intense wild scene in the wedding, what is most admirable in the scene is the character of Arnaldo's best man in the wedding - the cute guy just beside him together with his family.

Here is the said wedding scene below where the cute guy was spotted:

The guy eventually turned as the netizens' apple of the eye. Many were googling and searching if who is this guy. Well, we will give you the answer! 

The cute handsome guy playing the best man of Arnaldo (RK Batsing) in the "Wildest Wedding" episode of "Wildflower"  is no other than Gab Lagman! Yes, he is a newbie heartthrob actor and a commercial model handled by Viva Agency.

Gab already appeared in TV5's mini romcom series "Wattpad Presents."  He eventually rose in fame after playing a cameo role in this Maja Salvador teleserye.

But aside from "Wildflower," Gab also had a special appearance in another hit TV series of ABS-CBN, the "La Luna Sangre." Yes, he is the vampire in the Heat Bar of Supremo (Richard Gutierrez) during the blood pour episode.

Check out below Gab's episode in the series together with Richard Gutierrez:

Because of "Wildflower" and "La Luna Sangre,"  Gab will definitely be seen in more major TV series in the coming days. As they say, he is truly a man of complete package! He can easily captivate the hearts of many of us!

Good luck Gab! Now that he is popularly known, get ready to see him in more TV series or in upcoming movie projects. Who do you think will be a perfect leading man for him?! 08/12/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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