Tagalized Version of "Lethal Weapon" TV Series Begins in ABS-CBN

Get your weekend dose of action and comedy every Saturday night as the adventures of Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford) and Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), LAPD’s newest partners-in-crime, begin this Saturday (June 10) in the Tagalized version of hit US series “Lethal Weapon” on ABS-CBN. 

After the death of his wife and their unborn child, ex-Navy SEAL-turned-detective Martin is left with nothing to look forward to in life. He moves to California to start over at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) where he partners with Roger, a family man who’s just returning to work after surviving a heart attack.

The moment they meet, they instantly know their partnership is doomed. Like oil and water, they just don’t mix together. While Martin dives headfirst into the line of fire, Roger follows everything by-the-book. 

However, their first case together changes everything. For the first time in a long time, Roger felt so alive after Martin dragged them into an intense freeway chase and shootout with drug dealers. Meanwhile, Martin found a partner and a friend in Roger. 

What other exciting adventures await them? What if one of them gets in serious danger? How long can they be partners in LAPD?

“Lethal Weapon” is based on the hit 1987 movie with the same title starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. 

Don’t miss the premiere of “Lethal Weapon” this Saturday (June 10), 9:45 PM, on ABS-CBN. 06/10/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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