Leaked: Liza Soberano as the New Darna, Angel Locsin on a Cameo Role!

The article of the showbiz writer Ricky Lo yesterday, May 23, 2017 on Philippine Star entitled "Liz is Ready to Take Off as Darna" already ended the guessing game of who among the Kapamlya stars will play the iconic role after Angel Locsin backed out from the role because of the back injury.

According to Lo, "Unless there are last-minute changes ('And no doubt there won't be,' according to Funfare's Very Deep Penetration Agent/VDPA), the final...and perfect!...choice as the new Darna is Liza Soberano! This piece of 'breaking news' should put a period to the prolonged guessing game who he next flying woman would be..."

Furthermore, the writer revealed that the actress is now undergoing intense training on a secret place so that there won't be any leak!

The news eventually turned viral! It spread like a wild fire on the world wide web!

But aside from Liza, another great news captured by our credible sources is that Angel Locsin will have a special appearance on the said movie!

Here is a short video clip of Liza and Angel together on the said exciting Darna movie:

The photos were courtesy of the owners who were excited to see both Angel and Liza on the said movie.

Meanwhile, here's another shot of Liza Soberano's look as Darna:

What can you say about this leak?! Are you excited to see Liza to fly as the new Darna?! How about the favorite Darna-ever Ms. Angel Locsin having a cameo role on the said film?! Feel free to express your thoughts and opinion about this! 05/24/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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