Regal Entertainment Shares a Viral Video Capturing the Hearts of the Netizens

A heart warming video in Facebook is currently going viral. This is uploaded by Regal Films in their official Facebook Fanpage.

In the said video, it tells the story of a nanny (yaya) who took care of a little boy. The little boy and the nanny got closer to each other until one day, the nanny left the little boy.

Time passes by. The once little boy already turned into a family man. And one day, an old lady came into their house. the old lady is his former nanny! 

Here is the said viral video which touches the hearts of many netizens. Let's all watch this:

Regal Entertainment Inc. didn'nt gave any details about the video. They only captioned it with the following lines:

Naaalala mo pa ba siya?
Nag-alaga, sumuporta, gumabay...
Maraming salamat sa iyong pagmamahal...

What do you think about this viral video?! Is this a teaser of their upcoming movie?! Post your thoughts and opinions about this/ 04/08/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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