Kylie Padilla is Pregnant with Aljur Abrenica's Child? #BuntisSiAmihan

Kylie Padilla, the Kapuso young actress who is now rising in stardom after playing the character of Amihan in today's remake of the hit fantaserye "Encantadia" has been the talk of the world wide web after rumors of three-month pregnancy with boyfriend Aljur Abrenica. 

The rumors has been confirmed with two of the reliable sources, the entertainment website, the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) and the widely read broadsheet, the

The basis of the reports are Kylie's instagram posts with the intriguing words like “fragile age” and “little child.” The actress was also reportedly seen going to an OB-gynecologist.  

On the other hand, Kylie's boyfriend Aljur is receiving various bashes and hate messages from the netizens. According to them, he destroyed the rising career of their favorite Reyna Amihan. 

With Kylie's rumored pregnancy, her character as Reyna Amihan is yet to kill!

The director of "Encantadia" Mark Reyes already gave a hint on Kylie's exit on the said fantaserye. He said: "a sang’gre (princess) would soon bid farewell to the show..."

Aljur and Kylie on the other hand keep silent about the issue. 01/24/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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