5 Touching Moments from "Pinoy Boyband Superstar"

“Pinoy Boyband Superstar” is currently the most watched weekend program in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. The program is teeming with cuteness, charm, and talent from aspiring heartthrobs, who have to impress girls and superstar judges Vice Ganda, Sandara Park, Yeng Constantino, and Aga Muchlach on the audition stage.

But while all these wanna-be boyband members dream of getting into the showbiz industry, they do it not just for themselves, but also for people who matter to them. We, viewers, are given a glimpse of who these boys are and what they’re fighting for – whether they want to give a better life for their family and where they get their inspiration from.

Here are five heartwarming stories that prove that these boys are more than meets the eye:

1) Aeiou sings for his mom

Twenty-year-old Aieou Villanueva lost his dad to cancer at the age of four. So now, he is doing his best to take care of and is paying for the medical expenses of his mom, who suffers from different illnesses and needs to undergo therapy. 

In his audition, Aieou sings his parents’ ‘theme song’ and dedicates it to his mom, bringing Sandara and Yeng to tears.

2) Anthony reunites with his father Boom

“Kahit parang stranger siya sa akin, I see so much of myself in him,” said Anthony Labrusca of his dad, actor Boom Labrusca, who he never had much of relationship with while growing up. It’s the first time they had ever seen each other in years, and no one knew what to expect from their reunion, with Anthony’s mom present too.

But all was well in the end, with Boom praising his son and telling him how proud he is of him. 

3) Wilbert calls his mom his number one supporter

Nineteen-year-old Wilbert Rosalyn never saw his biological dad. In fact, he said he joined “Pinoy Band Superstar” because he wants to get to know his father and prove himself to him. “Ito ‘yung anak niya ngayon na dapat niyang ipagmalaki sa lahat, hindi ‘yung iwan,” he said tearfully.

Although he said there is a missing part in him because of his father, he has his mom whom she considers his number one supporter. In his audition, he declared his love for his mom and said, “Sa lahat ng success at failures ko, andun siya lagi.”

4) Tim conquers his fears

Tim Feller did not pass his audition in front of the superstar judges, but his audition sent a message to people with insecurities who are too scared to try something: Just do it.

Before appearing in the show, he had never performed in front of other people. His mother, who had not even heard him sing, was emotional the whole time.

“More than the chance of being able to pass this audition, ang mahalaga ay nagsisimula ka na sa isang bagay na matagal mo nang sinimulan. This is the start. Diretso lang,” Vice told him. 

5)  Niel draws inspiration from his blind brother

Life has been tough for Niel Murillo, who is the fourth of eight children and recently stopped attending school due to financial difficulties. Despite this, he is hopeful he can use his talent to help his family.

His biggest inspiration is his brother, who lost his vision after being shot in the head years ago. Neil hopes that his dreams and personal success will pave the way to the improvement of his family’s welfare and help his blind brother be able to see again. Let’s see if Niel makes it in the competition, and if his audition video on YouTube (which has now garnered almost 2.3 million views) is any indication, he will be doing well.
Don’t miss the journey of aspiring boyband members as they make their dreams come true in “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” which airs on Saturdays at 7:15PM and on Sundays at 7PM. (TV Series Craze) 

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