Robert Downey Jr. and Robin Padilla: The Bad Boy Turn Good Story!

With the classic saying “The Good Boys Turn Bad” the story of these two individuals went on an opposite side, this time the Bad Boys Turn Good. 

Maybe we have heard a lot of stories of different personalities about how their life, from being successful suddenly went to failures after being part of certain controversies. But this Bad Boy turns Good story will let you know that there are actually people in the industry that didn’t just made the cut, but also survived the industry with flying colors.

Locally, who doesn’t know the bad boy of the Philippine Cinema? The one and only Robin Padilla. Robin actually came from a multi-talented family, he’s father was a film director and his mother was an actress while three of his siblings are also actors. In the Hollywood arena, there is Robert Downey Jr. Interestingly Robert’s family also came from a multi-talented family since he’s father Robert Downey Sr. was an actor and film maker while his mother Elsie Ann was an also an actress. These two individuals with almost the same story of how Bad Boys Turn Good.

Both Robin Padilla and Robert Downey Jr. started their careers in the show business industry with full of opportunities as they played different roles from small to supporting lead roles. Unfortunately, while enjoying the success of their hard work and passion the two went on an incident in their life that almost killed their careers.  Both served a sentence in jail, Robin was sentence for illegal possession of firearms while Robert Jr. for his drug abuses. Robin after two years in sentence was given a pardon by then President Fidel Ramos, while Robert Jr. after serving one year was allowed to post bail and just went on rehab.

After experiencing down time in their careers due to these bad boys like incidents, the actors living up with their passion was able to go back to the industry. Yes, acting was their passion and also a talent that runs from their veins. That could be the secret of how they made it back again. 

Robin Padilla and Robert Downey Jr., each was able to contribute a lot to the show business industry locally and internationally. They made blockbuster films and created an image of their own that cannot just be copied by anyone. From career – downfall to career comeback, they surely made the cut and one of the best sought actors of their industries. 

These bad boys are actually good! (TV Series Craze)

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