"Feng Shui 2" Premieres in Cinema One This Sunday

Get ready to experience chills and scream in horror as Cinema One showcases the hit Pinoy horror film, “Feng Shui 2” starring Kris Aquino and Coco Martin on another Blockbuster Sunday (October 18) at 8PM.

“Feng Shui 2”, graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board is the 2014 sequel to the phenomenal Chito Rono cult classic of the same title. The film also became Star Cinema’s MMFF entry last year and amassed P235 million, making it the highest grossing Filipino horror of all time.

The sequel follows the story of Lester Anonuevo (Coco Martin), a man who struggles to make ends meet. One day, he steals the cursed bagua from a Chinese temple and suddenly he experiences a reversal of luck. But things take a turn for the worst when a series of deaths occur in his family and in his neighborhood. When fate brings Lester and Joy (Kris Aquino), the previous owner of the cursed bagua together, they discover that the curse has gained more power, causing two deaths at a time. With a challenging bout, Lester and Joy must unite and find a way to end the dreaded curse. 

Definitelyfilipino.com congratulated Rono on his storytelling: "He was able to flawlessly bridge the Feng Shui film ten years ago to this year’s new sequel."

“Feng Shui 2” also bagged commendation for its cinematography by Neil Daza, according to Ferdinand Godinez of website, The National. “Feng Shui 2 boasts impressive cinematography compared with its predecessor. The sweeping, dark, panoramic shots of Binondo district in Manila perfectly build up the tension. Binondo, of course, is also the city’s Chinatown, complementing the Chinese motifs that recur in the story,” 

The film garnered so many positive reviews, with Philbert Dy of Clickthecity.com giving it a four out of five stars rating.  In his review, Philbert wrote that, “the movie is best when it plays by its own rules, building the horror from a logical set of circumstances. Thankfully, the movie does that for a good long time, which is more than one can say for most local examples of the genre.”

“Feng Shui 2,” the perfect Halloween blockbuster treat of the channel is just one of the many well-loved films that Cinema One will showcase this October to fulfill its aim to become a platform for Filipinos to watch blockbuster films at the comfort of their own home The show will also have an encore airing on October 24, 930PM. (TV Series Craze)

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