Hit Thai Thriller Film "The Scout" Premieres in Cinema One

The 2009 Thai thriller film, “The Scout” is set to have its cable TV premiere via Cinema One’s Blockbuster Sunday (August 30) at 8PM.

Dubbed in Tagalog, the film follows the story of scouts who embark on an adventure to an ancient temple to witness a lunar eclipse. Because of campfire stories about a legendary god who serves as the temple’s protector, the scouts go on a treasure hunt, but find themselves lost in a parallel universe. The biggest hurdle of the longest night of their lives is to find their way back before the eclipse traps them.

Directed and written by Preaw Sirisuwan, “The Scout” will also have an encore airing the following Saturday on Cinema One at 9PM. It also stars Apisarit Adisasurarak, Weerayoot Kaengkan, Rimpawe Krueangsai, Naratid Namkang Somsak Ubolmwannee, and Kazuki Yano. 

Cinema One aims to support and uphold Filipino produced movies and shows by screening Filipino movies and showcasing Filipino filmmaking talent through Cinema One Originals. It also brings Filipinos closer to internationally acclaimed foreign films by airing foreign films dubbed in Tagalog. Cinema One is also a pioneer in the cable industry through its originally produced shows such as “Inside The Cinema Circle,” “CinemaNews,” and its first cable TV series, “Single/Single.” It belongs to the family of cable channels under Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI), a subsidiary of ABS-CBN.

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