An Ultimate Finale of "Bridges of Love" This Friday

ABS-CBN’s hit primetime series “Bridges of Love” comes to its highly-anticipated conclusion as Gael, Carlos, and Mia face the ultimate fight for love this Friday (Aug 7).

Hope seems to be gone for the Nakpils after Carlos (Paulo Avelino) chose Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) over them. Carlos goes back to the Antonio residence only to find a mysterious lead to Muloy’s (Janus Del Prado) death. 

As Carlos finds justice for his best friend’s death, will he also find forgiveness in his heart and welcome his family back into his life, especially when he learns that the man whom he considers his father killed the one and only person that he trusted and loved with all his heart?

But the truth won’t come out that easy as Lorenzo plots another wicked plan. This time, it involves the person who serves as a common link between brothers Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos--- Mia (Maja Salvador).

In the end, whose fight for love will prevail? Gael’s, Mia’s, or Carlos’?

When “Bridges of Love” premiered on Philippine television in March 2015, viewers were instantly captivated by the story of brothers Carlos and Gael. From the start of their journey as kids when the two dreamt big together to the tragedy that set them apart, avid fans followed how the two grew up to be very different individuals and how their paths crossed many years later without any idea of who each other were. Things heated up even more when Mia entered the picture and sparked the rivalry for love between the two.

With the show’s well-written narrative and top-caliber production, “Bridges of Love” has been consistently dominating its timeslot in national TV ratings and is also one of the top five most watched programs in the country, according to Kantar Media. Last Friday (July 17), the show hits its all-time high national TV rating of 26% versus rival program with only 11.2%.

Its viewership on air also translated online as the program continues to be among the top three most viewed programs on video-on-demand service iWantTV and the top trending topics on social media every night.

“Bridges of Love” is directed by Richard Somes and Will Fredo, and produced by Star Creatives, the makers of phenomenal hit dramas “Princess and I,” “Forevermore,” “The Legal Wife,” and “Pangako Sa’Yo.”

Don’t miss the intense finale of “Bridges of Love” this Friday (Aug 7) after “Pangako Sa’Yo” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For exclusive updates, log on to and (TV Series Craze)

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