Angel Locsin and Coco Martin's Tandem in "MMK!"

This is the exciting announcement of the longest-running drama anthology "MMK" - Angel Locsin and Coco Martin's team-up for the very first time!

The announcement was posted in the official instagran account of "MMK." But in the post, they didn't yet revealed the exact airing date of the said episode rather saying it as Soon! 

Here is the said post which truly excites the fans and supporters of Angel and Coco:

In 2012, it was also announced that Angel was supposed to be the leading lady of Coco in "Juan Dela Cruz." But of certain reasons, Angel was replaced by Erich Gonzales playing the character of Rosario in the said fantaserye which created a huge hit on Primetime in 2013.

Are you excited for this very first tandem of Angel and Coco on TV? Hope that it will prosper this time. - TV Series Craze

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