Is Raymond Gutierrez' Real Sexuality the Second Revelation in their Reality TV Program?!

After the revelation of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati's son Baby Zion in Gutierrez' reality TV program, "It Takes a Guts to be a Gutierrez," netizens were now predicting that the second revelation in the Gutierrez family will be the true sexuality of Raymond Gutierrez! This was after Raymond posted a controversial photo of him with a foreign guy in his official instagram account @mondgutirrez.  

The said posted photo is as follows:

Raymond captioned the photo with the following lines:

"The face of sobriety, @n_th_nl_n_ll one of my only decent photos from the weekend. Thanks @antonaguila for the snap! #SorryMom"

Those lines with the hashtag of #SorryMom created different speculations in the world-wide web. Some said that the guy is Raymond's boyfriend. Others even commented that there's no more denial about his identity.  

Is that said IG photo serves as a teaser of the second biggest revelation in the Gutierrez family?! What do you think?! (

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