How is Vhong Navarro After the Trials in his Life?!

This is the main question everybody is asking from Vhong Navarro during the bloggers conference of the movie "Da Possessed." Vhong became the trending topics in every news after the condo incident with Deniece Cornejo  and Cedric Lee. Therefore, everybody is concerned about his condition.

Definitely, Vhong is Vhack! "Parang walang nagbago kay Vhong. Mas lalo siyang gumaling, mas naging seryoso sa trabaho," Bb. Joyce Bernal, the director of the film shared during the conference.

"Pero siyempre, we didn't gave him special treatment na parang may pinagdadaanan siya. We treated him normaly. Nagbabatuhan kami ng biruan, lokohan, gaguhan na parang wala lang kaya ang gaan ng mood namin sa set. Masaya," the director added.

Vhong and Bb. Joyce already worked together in various blockbuster comedy films like "D' Anothers," "Bulong,"  "Mr. Suave,"  and "Agent X44." This movie is their reunion project!
"Sa 20 years celebration ng Star Cinema, di dapat mawala ang isang Vhong Navarro sa isa sa mga movie offerrings nito,"  Star Cinema's movie producer explained in an interview.

Here is the Take One behind the scene of "Da Possessed:"

And of course, a Vhong Navarro film would not be completed without a funny and nakaka-LSS soundtrack and music video. Here it goes:


In the movie, Vhong is paired to the sexy actress-model Solenn Heussaff. This is their very first tandem and actually, the very first movie of Solenn in Star Cinema, the movie arm of ABS-CBN, the rival of her home network GMA-7.

Joining Vhong and Solenn are the hilarious cast members namely Joey Marquez, Smokey Manoloto, Matet De Leon, Beverly Salvejo, Joy Viado, Empoy,  and John Lapus.

Co-produced by Star Cinema and Regal Films, "Da Possessed"  will be shown in different theaters nationwide this coming Black Saturday, April 19, 2014.  

For the record, "Da Possessed" is actually the second movie collaboration (in the present generation) of Star Cinema and Regal Films. The first one was the 2013 MMFF horror movie entry "Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay." Are you now more excited to see the Vhong Navarro's comeback in the big screen?! (

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