Joseph Marco, Arjo Atayde, and Alex Gonzaga Lead the Remake of 'Pure Love (49 Days)!'

Kapamilya hunk actor Joseph Marco revealed in his official Instagram account that he and co-Kapamilya stars Arjo Atayde and Alex Gonzaga will lead the remake of the ABS-CBN's hit Koreanovela "Pure Love" which is also known as "49 Days" in Korea.

Joseph posted some photos of him together with Alex and Arjo with a caption of "Taping for Pure Love." He even posted a document with a label of "Pure Love Cast Call" confirming that they were the chosen three to lead the exciting roles of the three characters we used to love.

"Pure Love" which aired in 2011 in Primetime Bida was ABS-CBN's one of the most watched Koreanovela in Primetime after "Boys Over Flowers" and "Perfect Match."

What do you think will be the respective roles of Joseph, Arjo, and Alex on the said remake?! And do you think ABS-CBN will be successful now in making a remake of a hit TV series knowing that their recent remake "Maria Mercedes" was a flop?! Even their "Maria La Del Barrio" and "Green Rose" remakes also suffered from poor TV ratings?! Well, will wait and see! Good luck!  (

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