Angel Locsin's "The Legal Wife" Beats Marian Rivera's "Carmela!"

The battle between the two Primetime Queens of two rival networks started once again as their respective TV series premiered last week in the same date and timeslot. Angel Locsin versus Marian Rivera's fight anew!

But in the said battle, Angel's "The Legal Wife" won on the preliminary rounds! Before their respective teleseryes premiered, "The Legal Wife" dominated the world-wide web. It was the talk of the netizens and even got many memes compared to "Carmela" which kept silent. Then after the airing of the said two soaps, "The Legal Wife" received many good feedback and ruled the Nationwide TV rating game!

Our site even conducted our very own poll survey. And based on your online votes, Angel's "The Legal Wife" got victorious over Marian's "Carmela!"

Here is the result of our online poll: Angel Locsin versus Marian Rivera Poll Result

Well, congratulations Angel and to "The Legal Wife" for winning these rounds. Will Marian's "Carmela"  able to beat Angel's teleserye on the succeeding days?! Let's wait and see! (  

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  1. Si angel talaga ang original primetimequeen noh?!!!!