'Got to Believe' New Season Patterned to 'Meteor Garden 2?!'

The hit and the trending Kathryn Bernardo-Daniel Padilla TV series "Got to Believe" now enters its new season. On the said season, more dramatic scenes were showcased by each episode.

As it stepped in to its new season, many observed that it was patterned to the Asianovela "Meteor Garden 2."  In this second book of the said Chinovela, we may recall that Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) had an amnesia because of a tragic accident. He forgot his feelings to girlfriend San Cai (Barbie Zu) and was took care by the other girl. Dao Ming Si then named Asi.

Comparing the plot of "Meteor Garden 2" to "Got to Believe," in the new season, Joaquin (Daniel) will leave Chichay (Kathryn) to undergo a surgical operation to remove the embedded bullet on his skull. After the operation, Joaquin will forget everything including his feelings to Chichay. Then, another girl to be played by Liza Soberano will be Joaquin's new love interest!     

Both Joaquin and Asi have a powerful rich mother. They were doing everything to put away their sons to the poor girls Chichay and San Cai.

Even the name Chichay sounds like San Cai and Joaquin (or Joaqui) sounds Asi! Will these things mentioned above truly proved that "Got to Believe" is a copycat of "Meteor Garden 2?!" 

Because of these similarities, "Meteor Garden" leading lady Barbie Zu asked the netizens if a "Meteor Garden" remake is airing in the Philippines and who is playing her role. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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