Video Teaser: 'Maria Mercedes' Fights Against her Villains Malvina and Mystica!

Starting this Monday, November 11, 2013, emotions will be uplifted to the highest level as the country's well-loved Mexiconovela remake "Maria Mercedes"  faces new challenges.

Mercedes (Jessy Mendiola) will come face to face with her mother Magnolia (Vina Morales) but Mercedes will refuse her mother to return in their lives.

Meanwhile, Santiago (Ariel Rivera) will have a marriage proposal to Mercedes. Will Mercedes accept this proposal since Santiago already helped their family a lot?!  

But the most exciting part in this week's episodes is the fight scene between Mercedes and her two main villains Malvina (Vivian Velez) and Mystica (Nikki Gil). 

Here is the teaser video of "Maria Mercedes" with the episodes to be aired starting tonight:

Definitely, adrenaline rises with this breath-taking episode!

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