Thalia's "Maria Mercedes" Music Video

We already watched how our very own Jessy Mendiola performed the music video of "Maria Mercedes." Now, it's time to see the original music video!

The Mexcican superstar Thalia originally played "Maria Mercedes." The TV series became a big hit in 1996 aired by ABS-CBN. It was pitted against her other phenomenal telenovela "Marimar" aired in RPN-9.

Here is Thalia performing the theme song of her TV series. Watch the full video:

Bravo Thalia! Bringing back the history of Mexiconovela dominance in Philippine TV!

Meanwhile, the Philippine remake of "Maria Mercedes" is set to hit the Primetime this Monday, October 7, 2013 in ABS-CBN with Jessy Mendiola in the title role! Jake Cuenca and Jason Abalos play her leading men respectively! (

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