Sunshine Cruz Relates her Character in 'Dugong Buhay' to her Real-LIfe Situation!

Kapamilya actress Sunshine Cruz recently shared that she can closely relate with her mother role in ABS-CBN's top caliber afternoon action-drama series "Dugong Buhay" because both of them are willing to fight for their children.

"Isabel and I have a lot of similarities, especially as a mother," said Sunshine who plays in the series as the mother of Rafael (Arjo Atayde) and the lost De Lara, Victor (Ejay Falcon). "Like Isabel who gives her all just to keep the De Lara family intact, I have always been a person who fights for what I know are right and fair, especially if it involves my family, my children. Because they are my life."

"Isabel and Sunshine both depend on God especially in times when they need to make crucial decisions for themselves and their families," Sunshine added.

Meanwhile, Sunshine said that loyal viewers of "Dugong Buhay" will further be hooked in their series with the action-packed scenes of Victor and other characters.

"Aside from the 'reunion' of Isabel and Victor, there are still more intense scenes to watch out for in 'Dugong Buhay' like the face-off of Victor and Simon (Nonie Buencamino) at the De Lara men Rafael and Enrique (Christian Vasquez), and the next phase of the love story of Victor and Sandy (Yam Concepcion) who is now pregnant."

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