Photo Story: "Mundo Mo'y Akin" Set Visit

"Mundo Mo'y Akin" is GMA-7's one of the hit and top-rating Primetime TV series! It is supposed to be ended on the last week of June. But because of its consistent dominance in the TV rating race, the teleserye is extended up to three months more! 

The charm of Alden Richards, the unique role of Louise Delos Reyes as an ugly lady, and the comedy-maldita character of Ms. Jacklyn Jose as Dona Charito made the story well-loved by viewers! Therefore, the supposed to be ending becomes endless! And the conclusion definitely deserves to be called as the Beautiful Finale!

Last Tuesday afternoon, August 28, 2013, TV Series Craze along with the other entertainment bloggers had a set visit on the actual taping of "Mundo Mo'y Akin" in the Urology Center of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. The scenes were taken in the hospital and will comprise the remaining exciting episodes of the TV series.     

Here are our photo story taken during the actual coverage:

The Setting Happened in the Urology Center of the Philippines

The Kwela Scene of Donya Charito Took Place in this Floor of the Hospital

Lights and Cameras Rolled on the Main Characters Taping their Turn

Actress Jacklyn Jose Sits Like Donya Charito Watching their Comedy Scene!

Gabby Eigenmann Playing Iggy Graced the Interview in Wounded-Face Makeup

While Having Our Interview, at the Back were Ms. Jacklyn and Her Nurse Talking Important Matters

Protege's Arny Ross Shared her First Primetime TV Series Experience

Injured and Wearing Hospital Dress, Gabby Eigenmann Still Posed for a Picture!

Real-Life Relative Gabby and Jacklyn Posed Like Mother and Son for a Photo Opts

And the Final Round was Centered to Alden Richards where He Shared his Successful TV Series Projects

Aside from Alden Richards, Arny Ross, Gabby Eigenmann, and Jacklyn Jose, also present in the said taping were Angelika Dela Cruz and Louise Delos Reyes.

According to Gabby Eigenmann, this episode is the aftermath, the fall-back of the Carbonel Family! Seems so exciting! The scenes will be some of the highlights of the series' beautiful ending

Watch out for my succeeding posts for the individual interviews of these main characters plus exclusive actual videos. So stay tune! (

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