Mocha Uson Strips as a Naked Nun with Naked Men for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Controversial sexy dancer, singer, and model Mocha Uson is now the major topic in the world wide web as her photo for breast cancer campaign spread.

In the said photo, Mocha is a naked nun with two naked men on her side touching her breast! The photo is actually a pictorial which will appear in the September issue of ISDA Magazine

Here is the said controversial photo:

According to the 31-year old singer, this said pictorial is in accordance to her advocacies. This is her way of expressing campaign for breast awareness.

Aside from this sexy pictorial, early part of the photoshoot showed Mocha blowing a condom to inflate it. According to her, this is her advocacy for safe sex and sex education. 

"Also 'yung awareness din sa breast cancer kasi babae parin ang madre, at isa 'yon sa mga advocacy ko, to examine the breast," Mocha explained. "Basically, sex education, safe sex, breast cancer awareness, freedom of expression all in one," she added.

Mocha even added that she highly supports the magazine since it uplifts the art in the highest level in the country!

What can you say about this controversial photo of Mocha?! Is it really for the art and freedom of expression or Mocha just wants to be the topic of the news?! Post your thoughts and opinions about this! (

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