The Power of 'Agimat' Exposed in 'Hiwaga!'

Broadcast journalist Atom Araullo finds out if there is really power behind the so-called “agimat” this Friday (Aug 16) in “Hiwaga.”

Get to meet people who claim that talismans, locally called the “agimat” or “anting-anting,” can protect them from harm such as gunshots.

Watch as they risk their lives just to prove its power and show Atom and the whole “Hiwaga” team how these can protect one from harm.

Meanwhile, Manong Ireneo may not have an “agimat” on his body, but his family was still protected and saved from peril in the farm where they used to live after an angel suddenly came to their rescue. Is this a true experience or just a coincidence?

Don’t miss “Hiwaga” this Friday (Aug 16), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. ( 

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