Thalia wants to go back to the Philippines to see Tunying

Mexican superstar Thalia said that she wishes to go back in the Philippines and see Anthony Taberna, the broadcast journalist she admires.
“I remember the love and I remember all of the beautiful smiles of the Filipinos. Everything was incredibly amazing. I want to go back, and if possible, I want to sit by your side,” Thalia quipped to Tunying during an interview for "Tapatan ni Tunying" via Skype airing this Thursday (August 29).
She previously expressed her desire to guest in any of Tunying’s shows since watching him on ABS-CBN’s “Punto por Punto” last year. Tunying was flattered as he is also a fan of the international superstar.
“At the age of 42, she still looks like 24,” Tunying said.
Thalia became a household name in the Philippines beginning 1996 for starring in various hit Mexican telenovelas such as “Maria Mercedes,” “Marimar,” “Maria la del Barrio,” and “Rosalinda.”
The new “Maria Mercedes” Jessy Mendiola, meanwhile, was fascinated when given a chance to speak to her predecessor.
“She influenced us with good vibes through her jolliness. That’s why the people still love her. She’s humble too. I’m glad to finally meet someone like Thalia,” Jessy said.
Thalia, on the other hand, wished Jessy good luck in reprising her iconic role.“Thank you to Jessy. All the luck in the world. You’re going to make an amazing job. All the production and all the cast, good luck in 'Maria Mercedes,'” Thalia said.
During their short but meaningful conversation, Jessy saw some similarities between them.
“We are strong women but vulnerable when it comes to our families,” Jessy shared.
Thalia also talked about her third book, an autobiography titled “Growing Stronger,” where she also talks about her love for her Filipino fans.
Don’t miss Anthony Taberna’s sought-after interviews with Thalia and the new “Maria Mercedes,” Jessy Mendiola, in “Tapatan ni Tunying” this Thursday (August 29), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For updates, follow @TNTunying on Twitter or like its fan page,

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